Not internal, but international reasons uprise militancy in Bangladesh: DMP Commissioner


Dhaka, Sept 19: Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said no internal reasons but various international events play a role in the emergence of militancy in Bangladesh.

“In the context of militancy in Bangladesh, militancy does not arise due to any internal reasons here,” said the DMP commissioner while addressing the fifth anniversary programme of the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATEU) in the capital on Monday.

He said, “First the Afghan war, the Iraq war and the formation of IS ignited militancy in our country.”

“However, we faced everything and suppressed the uprising,” added the DMP chief.

Noting that militancy emerges ahead of the national elections, Shafiqul Islam explained that police remain busy during the national elections as various political activities take place.

The DMP commissioner asked the police force to be alert on the eve of the upcoming national elections.

He also pointed out that militancy is born out of anger and deprivation. He said, “The sooner this anger can be quelled, the sooner it will be suppressed.”

Recalling that he has been hearing about Palestinians, who are being killed in their home country, since childhood, he said that frustration over this kind of oppression builds up to militancy in the long run.