Canadian mass stabbing suspect dead after arrest


Intl desk, Sept 08: Saskatchewan mass stabbing suspect Myles Sanderson has died after going into medical distress after his arrest Wednesday, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore.

The suspect in the mass stabbing in Canada was taken into custody Wednesday after a three-day manhunt, according to a tweet from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan.
The RCMP tweeted Myles Sanderson was taken into custody around 3:30 p.m. local time. Sanderson had been considered by police to be “armed and dangerous.”
“There is no longer a risk to public safety relating to this investigation,” RCMP tweeted.
Sanderson’s arrest comes three days after 10 people were killed in the mass stabbing, and additional 18 people were injured. The victims ages ranged from 23 to 78 years old, authorities said.
Sanderson and his brother, Damien Sanderson, were identified as suspects shortly after the attacks. Damien Sanderson was found dead a day after the attacks with injuries that were not believed to be self-inflicted, police said.
Myles Sanderson was wanted on a warrant for three counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and breaking and entering into a residence.
Police on Tuesday reported a potential sighting of Sanderson at the James Smith Cree Nation, but police later determined he was not in the community. The search has expanded to the entirety of the province of Saskatchewan, authorities said.
Source: News Agencies