Private unis, students can decide together on party politics: Dipu Moni


Dhaka, Sept 05: Educational institutions can decide together with students if party politics should be allowed on campus, said Education Minister Dipu Moni.

“There is no alternative to political awareness for a democratic society, conscious people, reasonable and world-class citizens,” she told media in response to a query on formation of Bangladesh Chhatra League Committee in some private universities.

“The Ministry of Education does not interfere in what policy a university or any party has. It is their own business,” she told the reporters Monday (5 September).

“Politics is a part of basic human rights. Inhibiting a normal-healthy process doesn’t produce good results either. They should also be taken into consideration,” she went on saying.

She noted that different people may have different opinions. Some say politics should be banned in educational institutions. Some say, there should be political practice in educational institutions.

Dipu Moni said politics is a positive thing and therefore, positivity should be maintained even while doing party politics.

Recently the ruling Awami League’s student wing Chhatra League formed committees in some private universities which ensued various discussions and criticisms.

Many parents expressed concern and informed the university authorities.

In this situation, several universities have issued notices so that student organisation activities are not conducted actively inside the university campus.