Govt tried to validate human rights violation by including Benazir in UN delegation: BNP


Dhaka, Aug 27: The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) alleged that the government has tried to validate human rights violation by including Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed in the Bangladesh delegation to join the United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit (UNCOPS 2022).

“We feel that issuing visas by subjecting to such conditions is an insult to Bangladesh. Such irresponsible and arrogant behaviour of the government is putting international relations at risk,” BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said at a press conference of the party on Saturday.

The US issued sanctioned against Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) along with seven of its officials for human rights violations like murder, forced disappearances, imprisonment without trial and many more.

However, the US has provided visa to the police IGP to join the UNCOPS 2022 along with Bangladesh’s home minister on condition that he cannot take part in any other activities except for attending the summit.

According to the 1947 United Nations agreement with the United States, any person sanctioned by the United States may only attend specific United Nations conferences and his presence will be limited to the United Nations premises.

The government has tarnished the image of the country by including the IGP in the delegation list, said Mirza Fakhrul.

He said, “By including the name of someone [Benazir] who has ordered human rights violations such as murder, forced disappearances, imprisonment without trial and more, the government has tried to validate such human rights violations.”

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “As you all know, we, the leaders of different democratic parties including BNP have been talking about the violent behaviour of this government for a long time. This government has already caused forced disappearance of numerous leaders and activists of our country, killed them in crossfire, arrested and tortured them without trial.

“There is no democratic atmosphere in the country, no right to hold meetings and marches. Even assembly without permission is not allowed and a self-censorship has been imposed on the media.”

In that context, through a long process according to the laws of their country the US has identified these human rights violators, who are carrying out these anti-human rights activities on behalf of the ruling party, and issued sanctions on RAB and a few of its officials.

“We note with surprise and outrage that by including this internationally identified criminal as a representative of the United Nations in the delegation, the government has proved that they will continue their violent, anti-humanity activities regardless of world conscience and opinion,” said Mirza Fakhrul.