US sanctions, not Russia, responsible for economic crisis in Bangladesh, other countries: Ambassador


Dhaka, Aug 24: Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander Mantytskiy has said that the US imposed sanctions, not Russia, are responsible for the economic crisis that is going on in the world including Bangladesh after Russia’s military operation.

He also noted that the US-led unipolar world leadership has now turned into multi polar world order led by Russia, China, India and other countries.

“Russia supports it,” said the ambassador while speaking at a round table conference titled “Six Months of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine: Its Results and Perspectives” on Russia-Bangladesh relations in the context of the economic crisis held on Wednesday.

The Embassy of Russia in Bangladesh arranged the round table.

Representatives of both the countries discussed issues like buying fuel oil from Russia and also wheat, and fertiliser import from the European country. The two countries also discussed currency swap.

Russia’s Gazprom, meanwhile, proposed to invest in the hydrocarbon sector of Bangladesh.