Lord Krishna: Janmashtami being celebrated across the country


Dhaka, Aug 18: The advent of Lord Krishna takes place on the eighth day in the constellation Rohini at the juncture of the age of Dwapar. The Janmashtami festival is celebrated centering on the unnatural dalliances called ‘Krishna Leela’ of the Lord Krishna. At the time of His birth, the world became disconsolate under the control of demon-like monarchy and the religions and the righteous were thrown into a state of helpless crisis.

Then Prajapoti  Daksha had recourse to Brahma to save the helpless world. On the advice of Brahma, the gods went to Devadidev Mahadev (the god of the gods) to find a way of salvation. Afterwards, they worshipped Vishnu at the turning point of creation, existence and doomsday.

After hearing the message, He (Vishnu) dispelled their fears saying, as the child of Devaki’s eighth womb, he will soon descend to earth as a human being in the name of Sri Krishna with Conch, Chakra Mace and lotus (Gadapadmadhari).

King Jajati, the king of Lunar dynasty was the son of Nahus. Jajati had five sons namely Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu and Puru. Yadu is the most senior to all. In this Yadu dynasty, Lord Krishna was born from the womb of Devaki impregnated by Mahatma Basudev in the prison of Kangsa. He is also familiar to the devotees as Basudev, the son of Basudev.

According to Krishna’s followers and Numerologists, Krishna was born in 3228 BC. However, there are differences of opinion regarding Krishna’s date of birth. Regardless of the discords of opinion, the birth of Lord Krishna has been celebrated by his devotees all over the world as ‘Janmashtami’ for ages.

In the Gita, Lord Krishna Himself says, “I am birthless, immortal soul, God of demons (ruler, controller, creator) but I am born in self-delusion having shelter in my own nature (inexplicable illusionary power).” He further said of his birth ‘My birth is not like a normal human being and My death is not like ordinary people as well. Man is born and dies but I appear without being born and disappear even though I am imperishable. Emerging and disappearing are both my miraculous Leela.

On the eighth day of the month of Bhadra, the world is covered in the dense darkness of midnight. Everyone falls asleep. In such a circumstance, Lord Krishna was born in the prison of Kangsa in the quadrangular form of Conch, Chakra, Mace and lotus.

Basudev and Devaki witnessed the radiant appearance of the Lord in amazement. The world was flooded with the rays scattering from the Lord Krishna. Devaki-Basudev gets overwhelmed staring at the beautiful child with graceful eyes who is wearing a quadrangle Pitasana (Yellow mat) engraved with the names of the Gods, precious rings on all the limbs, Sribatsha mark on the chest, many precious ornaments with pearls all over the limbs.

The moment of the advent of God is also omnipotent, manifested in glorious significance. After a while, Basudev went out on that dark night with Krishna in his arms as instructed. To save Sri Krishna from heavy rains and dreadful storms, Anantadeva (The snake God) came and spread his hood in the shape of a wheel to cover the God. The Jamuna itself also facilitated the passage of Krishna. All these are manifestations of the supernatural splendor of Lord Krishna.

It is mentioned in the Srimad-Bhagavad Gita that the one who worships Him is blessed either way. So, in the prison of Kangsa, in front of Devaki-Basudev, Sri Krishna is present in the quadrangular Conch, Chakra, Mace, and lotus-bearer and in the Nandalaya, he remains as full Avatar in the form of two-handed idol.

The essence of all religions of the world is uniform and identical. There is no difference in the basics. Some of the differences are mainly in customs and formalities. God is one and unique. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is the Absolute Merciful.

All religions have the same footing on such fundamental questions. Therefore, there should not be any point in unnecessary violence, hatred, strife and conflict between people of different religions. Our incomplete or fragmented knowledge of religion is responsible for these anti-human activities.

In fact, Man’s imperfect knowledge of religion and his narrow and sectarian mentality are the causes of violence in religions and even among people of different communities and races of the same religion and for that the soil of this Earth is covered with bloodshed; humanity is disturbed, peace is hampered.

Every religion is descended by God. If we believe in this knowledge and in the dignified coexistence of religions and if we consider humanity as the best pride of human beings and practice, this turbulent world would be truly peaceful, loving and shining.

(Tarapada Acharjee (writer): General Secretary, Sadhu Nag Mahashaya Ashram, Deobhog, Narayanganj )