Tax collectors, UP secretaries are most corrupt: Planning Minister


Dhaka, Aug 13: Planning Minister MA Mannan has said tax collectors and Union Parishad secretaries are the most powerful and corrupt.

“Strict surveillance should be increased in these sectors,” he said at a discussion in the capital on Saturday.

He also claimed that marginalised people do not get fair services as agricultural officers, tax collectors and UP secretaries are much more powerful at the union level.

To ensure socio-economic development at the grassroots level, the corruption of agriculture officers,  tax-collectors and UP secretaries at the union level should be stopped, he added.

“The needs of villagers and city folks are not the same. Villagers want various allowance cards, water, sanitation, bridges and roads. Decent employment alone will not lead to development. Voters of the country want a stable environment and employment. This is what the current government is doing.”

The planning minister also urged everyone to take austerity measures and cut costs wherever possible to tackle the global economic crisis.