BNP stages demo in Dhaka protesting fuel price hike


Dhaka, Aug 11: BNP carried out a demonstration in Dhaka against the latest “unjustified” hike in fuel prices, transport fares and the soaring prices of all essential commodities.

The party staged a┬árally in front of the party’s Nayapaltan central office on Thursday.

Hundreds of leaders and activists of the party and its associate bodies gathered in Nayapaltan to join the rally blocking traffic movement on the adjacent roads and intersections. Photo: TBS

BNP senior leaders, including Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and standing committee members, attended the rally.

The protest rally also meant for registering the party’s protest against the ongoing load shedding and the killing of two leaders of its associate bodies by police in Bhola, Fakhrul Islam Alamgir had said earlier this week.

Photo: TBS

In an abrupt move, the government increased the prices of diesel, octane and petrol by 42.5 per cent, 51.7% and 51% respectively on 5 August.

Currently, diesel is being sold at Tk 114 per litre, octane at Tk 135 per litre and petrol at Tk 130 per litre.