Bangladeshis advised to leave Ukraine


Dhaka, Feb 15: Bangladeshi nationals living in Ukraine has been advised to leave the country due to uncertainties caused by the current situation there.

“Bangladeshi nationals in Ukraine may consider leaving Ukraine temporarily,” said an urgent circular issued by the Bangladesh Embassy in Warsaw, capital of Poland.

Dhaka has made the advice as international intelligence reports have informed that Russia is set to invade Ukraine’s western part within a few days.

The circular said the expatriate Bangladeshis residing in Ukraine can go to Bangladesh if they cannot go to another country.

The Bangladesh mission in Poland requested the Bangladeshi expatriates to keep the Embassy informed about the status of their presence in Ukraine to enable the Embassy officials to reach them wherever or whenever they require assistance.

Simultaneously, the circular also advised Bangladeshi nationals to avoid all types of trips to Ukraine if it is not essential.

The embassy will keep advising Bangladeshi expatriates through monitoring the overall situation of Ukraine, the circular added.