Bangladesh allows trains to carry passengers at full capacity


Dhaka, Feb 07: Trains will be allowed to take passengers at full capacity from Wednesday, according to Bangladesh Railway.

Half of the train tickets will be set aside for online sale, while the rest of the tickets will be available at the railway counters.

“The coronavirus infection, caused by its new variant omicron, has been showing a downtrend and the vaccination drive has intensified. Mostly vaccinated people are travelling by train and the number of passengers is increasing,” Md Nahid Hasan Khan, deputy director of Bangladesh Railway, said on Monday. “It is necessary to serve the passengers to ensure the economy keeps running.”

The railway authorities will not issue “platform or standing” for inter-district trains. Passengers must wear masks while buying tickets and travelling by train.

The authorities, however, said food and bedding can be served on the inter-district trains following the health protocols strictly.

On Jan 15, Bangladesh Railway had ordered the trains to carry passengers to half of their capacity as the omicron variant spread across the country.