Khaleda leaves hospital after 81 days to avoid Covid risk


Dhaka, Feb 01: BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia reached her home tonight after receiving treatment for 81 days at Dhaka’s Evercare Hospital.

She reached her house, Firoza, at 8:30pm amidst a warm welcome by party leaders and activists who chanted slogans.

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Dr FM Siddiqui, a member of Khaleda’s medical board, told journalists that Khaleda’s condition is stable now but it cannot be guaranteed that she would not have internal bleeding again in the future.

Addressing a media briefing on Khaleda Zia’s current physical condition at Evercare Hospital, the physician said due to widespread Covid-19 infections, and since her condition is stable now, the medical board decided to continue her treatment at her house.

“Covid situation in the country is dreadful. A total of 380 officials of Evercare Hospital were infected with Covid in January alone. So considering the health risk of madam (Khaleda) the medical board has decided to treat her at home,” he said.

Prof Siddiqui also said, “There are no major bleeding taking place right now. If her condition worsens, we are ready to receive her at the hospital. But for now we think that her house would be safer for her,” he said.