Bangladeshi among 2 in Houthi missile attack on Saudi Arabia


Intl desk, Jan 24: Two people sustained minor injuries after the Houthis fired a ballistic missile that fell in the industrial area of Ahad Al-Masarihah at Jazan in Saudi Arabia, the coalition said on Sunday.

The residents, of Sudanese and Bangladeshi origin, were wounded and workshops and civilian vehicles were damaged in the “vicious and brutal attack” that would be dealt with firmly, the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen said.

This was the third Houthi attempt to target civilians of different nationalities in the industrial area situated in the Kingdom’s south western region, the coalition said.

Early Monday statements by the coalition reported they had knocked down a ballistic missile that was launched toward Dhahran Al-Janub in the Kingdom’s Asir province.

Falling debris caused damage to workshops and civilian vehicles in the area.

They also said that a launchpad used by the militia group on Monday morning had been taken out by coalition strikes.

The coalition said on Sunday it had intercepted and destroyed two drones that were launched from Yemen’s Al-Jouf governorate.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s defense ministry said it had received “shocking” information about the Houthi militia executing its fighters who had withdrawn from combat and refused to fight.

“We have given directions to our units to receive the retreating Houthi fighters,” the ministry said.

It promised safety and good treatment to withdrawing Houthi fighters “in accordance with international legitimacy, norms, and laws.”

“Those who have withdrawn are guests whom we will receive, and we will provide them with all help, support, and assistance to return to their areas when they wish,” the ministry said.