Omicron replacing Delta through community transmission: DGHS


Dhaka, Jan 23: The Omicron strain of Coronavirus is gradually replacing the Delta variant through community transmission in Bangladesh, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

DGHS spokesperson Dr Md Nazmul Islam said this at the daily briefing on Covid-19 on Sunday.

Nazmul Islam said the Omicron variant is spreading at the community level and its symptoms have similarities with that of seasonal flu.

About 73% of Omicron patients have runny noses while 68% have headaches, 64% have fatigue and 7% percent of patients sneeze, he added.

Besides, 7% percent of patients have sore throat and 40% have coughing. “These’re the things we need to keep in mind.”

He further said that everyone should consult a doctor in any case.

Dr Nazmul also warned, “If we continue to defy the hygiene rules, then the number of patients will increase further, which will put additional pressure on healthcare systems as a whole.”

The DGHS spokesperson said the Covid infection began to increase in Bangladesh from the end of December. As of January 22, the positivity rate rose to over 28 per cent which was 17.82 per cent on January 16, the beginning of the week.

The number of patients in hospitals is growing, the official said, adding that this uptrend has been noticed since the end of last year till the beginning of this year.

“If we want to overcome this pandemic, we must follow the health protocols,” the official advised.