No one can ignore Bangladesh now: PM


Dhaka, Jan 19: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said nobody can ignore Bangladesh anymore as the image of the country has brightened for its successes in its socio-economic development, promoting global peace and tackling domestic terrorism and militancy.

“Once there were so many negative words against Bangladesh abroad. Still, some people are there who prefer to undermine Bangladesh. But the image of Bangladesh has brightened for its socio-economic development, and for many other reasons,” she said.

The Prime Minister was addressing the graduation ceremony of DSCSC-2021-2022 course virtually from her official residence Ganobhaban. The graduation ceremony was held at Sheikh Hasina Complex of Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) in Mirpur Cantonment here.

Hasina said Bangladesh has successfully regained the dignity that was obtained through the victory of the 1971 Liberation War but lost after the 1975 August 15.

“Now no one can neglect Bangladesh. Bangladesh has gained the dignity as a role model for development.This will have to be upheld,” she said.

Referring to Bangladesh’s foreign policy – “Friendship to all, Malice towards None,”– framed by the Father of the Nation, she said Bangladesh has always been maintaining the policy.

“We won’t fight against anyone. But we won’t remain silent if any blow comes to our independence and sovereignty. We’ll resist or protest it. We’ve built our armed forces in that way,” she said.

Noting that Bangladesh always believes in maintaining friendly relations with others, she said, “Bangladesh has been playing a very significant role in the promotion of international and regional unity.”