DAP to underpin Dhaka’s planned development


Dhaka, Nov 21: Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) Minister Md Tajul Islam on Saturday said that the Dhaka will not be allowed to be built in an unorganized way, rather it will be developed in a planned way.

The Minister urged the people’s representatives, government officials, town planners, real estate businessmen, architects and all concerned to come forward for its implementation after finalizing the Detailed Area Plan (DAP).

The Minister came up with this remark while addressing a national seminar organized by RAJUK at Hotel Sonargaon to finalize the draft detailed area plan-DAP (2016-2035).

“We cannot make Dhaka an unlivable city for the next generation,” he said. “We have included the needs of people of all socio-economic classes and professions, development of life and basic issues in this year’s DAP.”

For this, consultations and opinions have already been sought from all stakeholders, including urban planners, architects, professionals, environmentalists, civil society representatives, city corporations and municipal mayors and councilors.

Besides, various initiatives have been taken to make Dhaka modern, attractive and livable, the local government minister said.

“We are not against any high-rise building,” explained the DAP convener. “But in order to do this, we have to make sure the facilities, especially utility services, roads, educational institutions, health centers, playgrounds and other civic amenities including recreation centers.”

The inconsistencies of high-rise buildings will be reviewed and they cannot make the city uninhabitable, the minister reiterated.

He further said that residential areas where eco-friendly mills and factories have already been set up and do not cause any suffering to the people, will be considered as mixed areas. Not only that, online based business will be encouraged in these areas, the minister added.

Later, in response to a query from reporters regarding the dismissal of the Gazipur mayor, the local government minister said that he has been suspended based on the party’s decision.