Defamation case filed against Dighi


Entertainment desk, Mar 10: A Tk 1 crore defamation case has been filed against film actress Prarthana Fardin Dighi and her father.

Film director Delwar Jahan Jhantu lodged the case, he himself confirmed to Jago News on Wednesday afternoon.

“Today I filed a case against Dighi and her father with a court seeking Tk 1 crore in compensation. I want to get its remedy through the legal way,” he said.

Dighi, best known for her career as a child actress, made her debut as an actress in a film named ‘Tumi Achho Tumi Nei’ that is going to be released on March 12.

A huge criticism created in the social media platforms about the film’s trailer recently published that left Dighi embarrassed.

Later, she told the media that the film is a substandard one and it cannot attract the audiences.

The film’s director, Jhantu, said her such negative comment being an actress of the film will make the spectators disinterested.

As a result, he fear, it will bring for him loss around Tk 1 crore that led him to file the lawsuit, the director added.