‘One-party rule’ on its way out: Oli 


Dhaka, Dec 13: President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Oli Ahmed on Sunday placed a 22-point proposal for’ restoring’ peace and good governance in the country as he expects the ‘one-party rule’ will end very soon.

“I believe the one-party rule will be over very soon. Allah will free us from the grasp of one-party rule,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, he urged all to think about what to do to build the county as per people’s expectation after the change of power.

LDP arranged the programme at the Institute of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh, marking the 49th Victory Day.

Oil, a retired army-officer-turned politician, said the freedom fighters will have to take the responsibility for running the country if there is a sudden change in power like that of 2007. “We should not fail this time and we – the freedom fighter – must come forward this time.”

At the programme, he presented the 22-point proposal, including reforming the Election Commission (EC), election system and relevant institutions, holding a fresh election, vigorous overhauling the current EC, reforming the Anti-Corruption Commission law, making a new constitution, ensuring a balance of power between the President and the Prime Minister by reforming law and dividing the country into 12 provinces, to overcome the country’s existing problems and ‘restore’ democracy and good governance.

Oli also proposed ensuring prompt trails of corrupt, terrorists, armed-cadres, and those involved in drug peddling, forming experts’ team for every ministry, creating scope for political parties for carrying out their activities in a constitutional manner and withdrawing all the politically-motivated and false cases filed from 2001 to till date.

About BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s imprisonment, he said her cases should be reinvested considering her age, physical condition and her contributions to the nation and all the cases will have to be withdrawn on an emergency basis if she is found innocent.

Narrating the country’s current situation, the LDP chief said there is no peace and justice in the country. “Good governance is exiled and democracy buried while the basic human rights have been snatched. No one’s life or property is safe as the country is moving towards an uncertain future.”

He said the nation has been held hostage by a “group of corrupt, looters and greedy politicians. They’ve shattered our dreams, ruined our country and destroyed our unity.”

Oli called upon the government to quit and hand over the power to an interim government in a peaceful manner. “It’ll help restore peace in the country and pave the way for forming a caretaker government comprising skilled, experienced, honest, educated and patriot politicians.”