Joy hopes Bangladesh to lead 4th industrial revolution


Dhaka, Dec 11: Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy has expressed his optimism that Bangladesh will be the key leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“We belief Bangladesh is going to be one of the leaders in the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution. We don’t just hope rather we plan and we intend on Bangladesh being one of the key leaders of the 4th industrial revelation,” he told a webinar on Thursday night joining it from the USA.

As part of Digital World 2020, the webinar titled ‘Embracing Digital Technologies in New Normal’ was arranged by the ICT Division.

Joy said: “I believe this is completely possible. It is not it’s not just a dream, it’s possible. We don’t know what next big technologies going to be. But I can promise that some of those technologies will be from Bangladesh”.

“We have the ability. We have proved that we can do it. We are now looking forward to next chapter of future technologies and the future,” he added.

The prime minister’s adviser said Bangladesh wants to develop next-generation technologies now instead of hiring technology from other countries.

“We are developing centre of excellence on 4th Industrial Revolution. We are focusing on research, not just focusing on technologies adapted by others. We want to become one of the leaders in the next generation of technologies,” he added.

The government has set some goals for the development of the ICT sector to lead the revolution, he added.

The focus is on artificial intelligence or AI, blockchain, Internet of Things, nano technology, biotechnology, robotics, and microprocessor and software designing, he said.

Mentioning that the cyber security will play a curial role, he said “We have new cyber security law. We are setting up cyber security cells and national monitoring cells. All these initiatives will ensure online security in our country.”

Referring to development in ICT sector, he said because of digitization, time and distance is no longer a factor as he joined the webinar from Washington, DC and some other joined it from different countries.

Joy said the ICT sector played an important role in keeping going the wheels of economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak presided over the webinar while ministers for ICT affairs from Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries joined it.