New Covid-19 cases, deaths on the rise in Bangladesh: 37 more die in 24 hrs


Dhaka, Nov 26: Amid the recent resurgence of Coronavirus pandemic across the globe, Bangladesh continues to report an upward trend in both new cases and deaths.

Health authorities on Thursday detected 2,292 new patients across the country in 24 hours, taking the total to 456,438.

During the period, 37 more patients died from Covid-19, raising the death toll to 6,524.

The death rate stood at 1.43 percent, said the Directorate General of Health Services.

So far, 371,453 patients – 81.38 percent — including 2,274  new ones in the last 24 hours have recovered.

Bangladesh reported its first cases on March 8. The infection number reached the 300,000-mark on August 26. The first death was reported on March 18 and the death toll exceeded 6,000 on November 4.

Until now,2,713,202 tests have been carried out, including 17,052 new ones, and 16.82 percent of the patients turned out to be positive.

Bangladesh is seeing 2680.10 infections, 2181.49  recoveries, and 38.31 deaths per million.

Global situation

The confirmed Covid-19 cases across the globe surpassed 60 million on Thursday, according to the data compiled by John Hopkins University (JHU).

A total of 60,276,951 people were found infected with the virus as of today while 1,419, 567 people have died so far, the data showed.

Coronavirus is affecting 191 countries and territories around the world since the first cases were reported in China in December last year.

The United States has recorded 12,769,915 since the start of the pandemic followed by India and Brazil while the country’s death toll climbed to 262,132.

The country is still missing about eight infections for every one counted, according to a new government report Wednesday. Many people don’t get tests, especially if they don’t have symptoms, reports AP.

More than 88,000 people in the U.S. — an all-time high — were in the hospital with COVID-19 as of Tuesday, pushing the health care system in many places to the breaking point, and new cases of the virus have been setting records, soaring to an average of over 174,000 per day.

Deaths have surged to more than 1,600 per day, a mark last seen in May, when the crisis in the New York area was easing.

Brazil has the world’s second-highest COVID-19 death toll, after that of the United States, and the third largest outbreak, following the United States and India.

With the number of deaths and infected cases rising again for the past weeks, specialists alert the start of a second wave.

According to the Brazil’s Ministry of Health, the country’s COVID-19 death toll surpassed 170,115 while total caseload reached at 6,118,708 as of today.

India’s overall coronavirus case count now stands at 9,222,216, with 1,34,699 Covid-related fatalities, so far.

The country’s overall recovery rate is 93.75 per cent, with a daily positivity rate of about 3.5 per cent against 10.9 lakh tests in the last 24 hours.