Bangladesh reports 23 more deaths, 1209 fresh cases


Dhaka, Oct 17: Bangladesh on Saturday recorded 1,209 more cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing the total to 3,87,295.

Of the total patients, 3,02,298 recovered, with 1,780 made recovery in the last 24 hours.

The daily count came from test of 11,573 samples in the past day. As of today, the number of total sample test stood at 21,51,702.

However, the country today reported 23 more deaths from the deadly virus, taking the tally to 5,646.

Bangladesh first reported its COVID-19 cases on March 8. Since then the country has been struggling to limit spread of the highly contagious virus.

Coronavirus first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year, and then spread to newer countries and territories.

As of Saturday, the epidemic infected 39,633,376 people and killed 1,109,834 across the globe, according to Worldometer, a website which compiles number of new coronavirus cases and deaths from it.

However, total number of people who recovered from the coronavirus pandemic reached 29,678,446 across the world.

Global position

The confirmed global coronavirus cases surpassed 39 million as of Saturday, according to the latest tally of Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

The total caseload reached 39,247,785 while the fatalities from the virus were recorded 1,103,352 in the morning, the JHU latest data shows.

The United States has recorded 218,529 deaths followed by Brazil, India, Mexico and Britain.

Besides, the number of coronavirus infections in the United States has reached 8,045,090.

By far, the United States remains the world’s worst-hit nation, with the most cases and deaths.

US Covid-19 cases topped 5 million on August 9, hit 6 million on August 31, and exceeded 7 million on September 25.

Multiple regions across the United States have seen days of continuous high-level surge in new cases after entering October.

With the second highest caseload of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) globally, India has recorded 7,370,468 cases with 112,161 fatalities.

Besides, Brazil is the third worst-hit country with 5,200,300 confirmed cases and 153,214 deaths.

‘Remdesivir doesn’t help Covid patients’

A large study, led by the World Health Organization (WHO), suggests that the antiviral drug Remdesivir did not help hospitalised Covid-19 patients, in contrast to an earlier study that made the medicine a standard of care in the United States and many other countries.

The results announced on Friday do not negate the previous ones, and the WHO study was not as rigorous as the earlier one led by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. But they add to concerns about how much value the pricey drug gives because none of the studies have found it can improve survival.

The drug has not been approved for Covid-19 in the U.S., but it was authorised for emergency use after the previous study found it shortened recovery time by five days on average. It is approved for use against Covid-19 in the United Kingdom and Europe, and is among the treatments U.S. President Donald Trump received when he was infected earlier this month.