Don’t allow infiltrators into Awami League: Sheikh Hasina


Dhaka, Aug 30: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked her party leaders not to allow the infiltrators into Bangladesh Awami League (AL) saying that the party’s image will be tarnished due to their misdeeds.

“When any (party) remains in power, some people come in (join the party) from different sides. After joining the party, they resort to different incidents and misdeeds. The party has to bear it,” she said at a discussion marking the National Mourning Day.

AL Dhaka city north and south units arranged the virtual discussion. Sheikh Hasina, also the AL president, joined the function from her residence Ganobhaban as the chief guest. Other leaders were connected from the AL central office on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital.

Sheikh Hasina said this is why she warned the party leaders and activists in the beginning of her regime not to allow those who come from political parties founded by military dictators and those who were with war criminals.

“Because, if they come in, they harm the party and resort to incidents and kill our good leaders and activists. The incidents surfaced as infighting. But when it’s unearthed, these are found as the occurrences done by those who had come in suddenly and taken place in the party,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina said the infiltrators behave so nicely that many party leaders take them for strengthening their groups. “Bringing them in such a way is very harmful for us,” she added.

Noting that Awami League is only the party in Bangladesh which is well organised up to grassroots levels with a huge supporter base and public support, she asked the party leaders and activists to build the party based on the ideology always.

‘Find democracy in democratic environment’

Taking a swipe at a section of intellectuals and dignitaries, the Prime Minister said they don’t find democracy in the democratic environment rather they always remain ready to be used by undemocratic governments.

Pointing to Ziaur Rahman, she said those who come in power by promulgating the Marshal Law Ordinance can’t give democracy. But many intellectuals and dignitaries are there who are searching for democracy in the military regime or the state of emergency, she added.

“They search for democracy when the state of emergency comes or they get the taste of democracy when the military dictators come in. But they don’t find democracy in the democratic environment. That means their character is the charter to flatter and butter up,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said that those who grabbed power abruptly hire the flatters and they (a section of intellectuals) remain ready to be used.

“But they don’t have value when the true democratic system or democratic trend prevails. The democratic government would not use them, no matter how they keep ‘use me’ inscribed in the chest. Then they shout saying that there’s no democracy,” she said.