4 of a family found dead in Tangail


Tangail, July 17: The dead bodies of four members of a family have been discovered in their home in Masterpara area of Madhupur upazila in Tangail.

Police recovered the bodies, their throats slit, from the house, located on Palli Bidyut Road, at around 9am on Friday after receiving information from the locals, police sources told themorningbellbd.com.

The deceased were identified as Gani Miya, 45, his wife Kajiron alias Buchi, 37, and their son Tajel, 16, and daughter Sadia, 9.

Local sources said the family moved into the house – which they owned – in the neighbourhood around a year ago.

The house had been locked from the outside for the past two days. On early Friday morning, Kajiron’s mother went for a visit and, seeing the lock, called for the family members. As there was no response, the locals informed the police.

Police then came and broke into the home, to find the four bodies.

There were bruises on all four bodies, police sources said.

Police have cordoned off the house and is preparing to launch an investigation to find the killers, and the motive of the murder.

Kamran Hossain, additional superintendent of police in Madhupur circle, said a specialist team of the Police Bereau of Investigation (PBI) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was on its way to the site for investigation.