Film artists thank Dr Hasan for increasing grants


Dhaka, June 28: Film artistes, directors, producers and distributors on Sunday thanked Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud for giving grants to 25 films to support the industry during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bangladesh Cholochitra Shilpi Samiti (Bangladesh Film Actors’ Association) president Misha Showdagar and general secretary Jayed Khan called on the information minister and thanked him (Dr Hasan) on behalf of the artistes for taking time-befitting steps for the industry, said an official handout here.

They also expressed their gratitude to the information minister for increasing the number of films for grants.

Bangladesh Film Directors Association President Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzer also thanked Dr Hasan Mahmud.

In a congratulatory message, he said “We on behalf of our samiti are expressing gratitude to Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud for increasing the number of films for grants, giving priority to the mainstream films and increasing the amount of the grant.”

They also hoped that the trend would be continued in future and the information ministry would take pragmatic and proper steps for the industry to implement the commitment of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

In another congratulatory message, Bangladesh Film Director Distributor Association president KhorshedAlam thanked the information minister for the pragmatic steps taken for the film industry during the Coronavirus epidemic.

Dr Hasan earlier informed that the number of films for government’s grant will be increased this year for supporting the industry due to the pandemic. The government has decided to give grants to 25 films including 16 full length and 9 short films this year while 14 films got grants last fiscal.