Govt’s incentive package nothing but ‘jugglery of words’: BNP


Dhaka, April 17: Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Friday said that the government’s incentive package of Tk 95,619 crore to tackle coronavirus situation was nothing but ‘jugglery of words’.The party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir made the remark while addressing a press conference at the party chairperson’s office at capital’s Gulshan to present the party’s analysis on the government announced incentive package.

He also proposed the government to form a national task force to take a coordinated policy, distribute the government incentive, and carrying out relief activities to tackle the crisis.

Fakhrul again demanded that the government should engage the military to distribute relief.

‘Though the prime minister announced Tk 95,619 crore package is big in size, it is actually a “jugglery of Words”. If we review the package, we find most of it is basically bank-based loan package which will be given mainly to the businessmen of different sectors on the basis of the relation between banks and clients. Government’s incentive is very inadequate,’ he said.

Of the total financial package, Tk 77,750 crore is for loan package and the government incentive is only about Tk 3,000 crore which would be given as interest incentive from the government exchequer,’ said Fakhrul, also a former teacher of economics.

Besides, the rest of the money will be provided by different banks as per their normal bank-client relationship, he said.

He questioned how the Tk 77,750 crore loan money would be provided by the banks while the bank sector was facing a liquidity crisis due to looting, loan default and lack of good governance.

He said that if the proposed Tk 100 crore honorarium for physicians and nurses, Tk 750 crore life insurance for them,  Tk 760 crore for lay labourers are added to Tk 3,000 crore bank interest incentive, the total incentive would stand at Tk 4,610 crore.