2 women killed in suspected hit-and-run near Mohakhali flyover in Dhaka


Dhaka, Feb 26: Two women have been killed in a suspected hit-and-run in front of the Setu Bhaban near Mohakhali flyover in Dhaka.They could not be identified immediately. Police believe they are aged between 30 and 32.

The doctor declared them dead when they were taken to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital around 1:15am on Wednesday, said Inspector Bachchu Mia at the police outpost there.

Eyewitnesses from the incident site said that the accident occurred after Tuesday midnight.

The two women were lying along with a scooter on the street. The two-wheeler has a “Press” sticker on it.

Though their identities were yet to confirm, but one identity card was found on them, Bachchu said.

Duldana Akhter Kochi, a sales officer of Pearl International Territory has been inscribed at the ID card.

It is assumed that the two were on the scooter and another vehicle hit it from behind before running away.