Malaysia interested in recruiting domestic help from Bangladesh


Dhaka, Feb 23: Malaysian Human Resource Minister M Kula Segaran on Sunday said that his country wants to recruite domestic help from Bangladesh as it needs more workers because size of the economy has risen.“We’ve enhanced labour market that needs more workers. So we are interested in recruiting domestic help. Hope, we’ll fix all in this regard soon,” the minister told reporters after a meeting with Bangladesh Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmad.

Kula Segaran also said he agreed to some issued about reopening his country’s labour market for Bangladeshi nationals.

He said, “I have agreed to some issues about my country’s labour market. The issues include joint working committee meeting scheduled to held on Wednesday, my ministry’s officials will come to finalize the a few matters, and then I will uphold the whole matter before Cabinet.”

Mentioning that discussion with Malaysian Human Resource Minister has been very fruitful, Imran Ahmad said, “We’ve have agreed to a point that the market will have to be reopned very quickly. We’ll send domestic help to Malaysia.”