Zero tolerance against rape, says PM


Dhaka, Feb 18: Describing rapists as ‘beasts in the name of human beings’, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday declared zero tolerance against rape alongside terrorism, militancy and drugs.“We’re declaring zero tolerance against each of terrorism, militancy, drugs and rape,” she said joining discussions on thanksgiving motion on the President’s speech in Parliament, UNB reports.

In her speech, which was also counted as the valedictory speech in the 6th session of the current parliament, Sheikh Hasina urged the male folk to cooperate with the government in arresting the criminals whenever such an incident takes place in the country.

“How can a person have such a heinous character? We’re taking proper action against them as we did against terrorism and drugs,” she said, adding that the government will surely take legal actions against such offenders.

Talking about the country’s development, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh is marching towards development in true sense.

Bangladesh is the most attractive destination for investors in not only South Asia but also in the South East Asia, she said. “Today, we’re in a far better position than the countries not only of South Asia but also in the South East Asia… we can at least claim that we’re now in a much stronger position economically than Singapore,” she added.

About the price hike of essentials during the upcoming month of Ramadan, the Prime Minister said the government is now taking measures to procure and stockpile some essential items to meet the increased demand of these goods as the price-hike game starts with the advent of Ramadan.

She urged people not to worry in case of a sudden rumour of price hike of any particular item as the government is alert in this regard.

About different raw materials that are generally imported from China, Sheikh Hasina said the government is taking measures to bring those, including medicines, from alternative sources. “So, I think there’s nothing to be panicked,” she added.