Barrister Suman quits as ICT prosecutor


Dhaka, Feb 13: Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman has resigned as the prosecutor of International Crimes Tribunal (ICT).Suman submitted his resignation letter to the chief prosecutor on Thursday, he confirmed to media.

The Supreme Court lawyer said he cannot give enough time in tribubal because of his busyness with different social works that led him to take the decision.

“I stay busy with different social works and cannot give enough time in my duties at tribunal. In this situation, I think it is immoral to take salary from government exchequer. That is why I resigned,” Suman said.

He wrote in his resignation letter, “Currently I am closely involved with different social and voluntary works. That is why I cannot perform my duties with devotion in International Crimes Tribunal. I think it is unethical for me to take salary government exchequer. So, I want to quit as prosecutor.”

Barrister Suman joined ICT prosecutor on November 13, 2012. Besides his job in the tribunal, he keeps busy himself with socials works that brought huge familiarity for him.