Ex-OC Moazzem jailed for 8 years


Dhaka, November 28: A Dhaka court has sentenced former officer-in-charge of Sonagazi Police Station Moazzem Hossain to eight years in jail for spreading a video of Feni madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi.This is the first verdict in a case filed under the Digital Security Act.

Bangladesh Cyber Tribunal Judge Mohammad As-Shams Jaglul Hossain on Thursday passed the order fining him Tk 15 lakh.

Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman filed the case on April 15 with the Cyber Tribunal under section 26, 29, and 31 of the Digital Security Act.

The court sentenced him to 5 years in jail under the section of 26 and another three years under the section of 29.

According to the case statement, the former Sonagazi OC summoned Nusrat when she filed a case against Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa principal Sirajuddaula for sexual harassment. He illegally recorded and spread her statement online.

On April 6, Nusrat was set on fire by Sirajuddaula’s stooges and she succumbed to her injuries at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on April 10.

On October 24, a Feni court sentenced 16 people to death, in the Nusrat murder case.

Nusrat had accused Sirajuddaula of harassing her sexually on March 27. Subsequently she was exposed to his extreme vengeance on April 6, when she went to the madrasa to appear for her Alim examinations.

A group of masked youths, later found to be cronies of the disgraced principal, took Nusrat to the rooftop of the madrasa, tied her down with a scarf, and set her on fire.