Anyone trying to manipulate Bhola incident to be punished: PM


Dhaka, October 20: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday urged all to have patience and warned that those trying to take advantage of the Bhola incident will be punished.“I urge the people of the country to have patience. Those who want to fish in the troubled waters manipulating this incident will be found out and appropriate measures will be taken against them,” she said, UNB reports.

The Prime Minister was delivering her introductory speech at a meeting with the central leaders of Jubo League at her official residence Ganobhaban.

At least four people were killed and a hundred others injured as police tried to prevent a mob in Bhola from taking revenge against a man they believed to be responsible for a hate conversation through Facebook’s messenger.

Sheikh Hasina said a section of people are deliberately doing such heinous acts to create instability.

“Whenever the country runs properly, a section of people try to create an anarchic situation,” she said.

She sought cooperation from people in preventing this section of people from creating chaos in the country.”I urge all to have patience.”

She said punitive measures must be taken against anyone who wanted to disrespect Prophet Muhammad (SM). “At the same time, if anyone tries to frame another person, measurers will also be taken against them,” she said.

The Prime Minister said the Facebook account of a minority youth was hacked by another youth. That person over phone demanded Tk 20,000 for the Facebook account, otherwise he would write such things which will be dangerous for that youth. Getting the phone call, the youth went to the police station to lodge a general diary. Police arrested that youth and later also arrested the person who hacked the Facebook account, Hasina added.

“We’ve communicated with the Facebook authorities for further information. We’ll be able to collect all the related information,” she said.

Hasina said an unwanted incident took place in Bhola over the matter that led to the loss of lives.

She questioned how a Muslim can write derogatory remarks against the Prophet just to put another person in trouble.

“Negative propaganda was spread on the Facebook. Who’re these people, what’s their intention?” she questioned.

The Prime Minister, also the chief of the ruling Awami League, said how a Muslim, who has the minimum respect for the Prophet, can write such remarks against him.

She said the government is advancing the country and it has continued its drives against terrorism, militancy, drugs and corruption. “No mercy will be shown to criminals,” she said.

Hasina said when the government is taking the country towards economic development; it is natural that some people will became greedy. “As a result, it pushes the society towards destruction. This type of unjust, injustice will not be tolerated,” she said.

She said the government wanted that everybody will lead a beautiful and prosperous life through their economic emancipation with transparency.

“But I think that it is a must to take punitive actions against any type of unjust,” the PM said.

In this connection, she mentioned that when any change happens in society some people suddenly become rich while some remain poor.

“We’re working hard to run the economy in such a way so that the people of the grassroots level can get economic benefits and the income disparity cannot widen,” she said.

The Prime Minister said Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman liberated the country to bring smile to the faces of the common people.

“We’re running the country keeping that in mind, and due to the programmes we have taken, the country is marching forward economically,” she said.

The Prime Minister said with the usefulness of Digital Bangladesh, some bad elements are also there that are sometimes causing problems.

“I request everyone not to pay heed to rumours and know the truth, and act accordingly,” she said.