Enemy “not brave enough” to shoot even “one blank” toward Iran: IRGC Cmdr


International desk, October 04: Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Major-General Hossein Salaami said on Thursday that the enemies of Iran are not brave enough to shoot even one blank cartridge toward Iranian borders.Iran has always been in war in the past 40 years. The plots of the enemy to hurt the Islamic Establishment have become more complicated than before, said Major-General Salammi in a ceremony to commemorate the martyrs of Markazi Province in Arak, the provincial capital, IRNA reports.

He said they are now targetting Iranian economy, culture, spirituality, security and science. Many of Iranian scientists were assassinated by the enemies.

He added that with wise leadership of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei the scientific peaks have been conquered and Iran is standing with power against the enemies.

The IRGC commander said that “the children of the Revolution” are “invincible on the sea, in the air and on the ground”.

Those who wished that Iran will retreat have failed, he said, adding that no American or Zionist can breathe in Iran and there is no penetration point available for them.

He went on to say that the enemy wanted to isolate Iran, but now the world’s public opinion knows that they are writing an enemy begging for one Iranian official to sit at a table with them just for a few minutes.