Hasan urges BNP to refrain from destructive politics


Dhaka, September 12: Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Thursday urged BNP not to plan any destructive activities in the name of politics and warned that the people would resist them if they want to create an anarchic situation.“We, the countrymen, saw the monstrous face of BNP in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and they killed hundreds of people . . . now, the people of Bangladesh would not allow them to do that,” he said at a press briefing at his Secretariat.

The information minister said the comment of BNP leader Gayeshwar Roy that they would form ‘Danab-bandhon’ instead of human chain is giving a bad signal for the country.

“BNP killed around 1,000 people by throwing petrol bombs and they didn’t spare even children, pregnant women, transport drivers and helpers. They indiscriminately torched hundreds of vehicles, establishments and government offices including copies of the holy Quran in the name of movement,” he added.

For this, Dr Hasan said, the people of the country rejected BNP in the last national elections. “If they try to do any sabotage in future, the people will resist them . . . I’m urging BNP to tread the path of positive politics,” he added.

Replying to a question about the comment of BNP leader Rizvi Ahmed, the information minister said BNP is a limited company and many leaders of the party (BNP) are hired. “BNP don’t take politics as a vow. Many top leaders of the party (BNP) joined BNP from other parties. They joined BNP as hired politician,” he added.

The minister said Awami League wants BNP to exist in the country’s politics as a strong political party. “Awami League always wants strong opposition. A strong opposition party is needed for strong democracy . . . We want all opposition parties including Jatiya Party and BNP to be stronger,” he said.

He said BNP doesn’t have to be destroyed as it is destroying itself by taking destructive decisions. “BNP has taken wrong decisions continuously. For this, the party got few seats in the present parliament,” Dr Hasan, also Awami League Publicity and Publication Secretary, said.

Replying to another question about Chhatra League, the information minister said there are some intruders in the organization. “The intruders are carrying out bad activities in the name of Chhatra League. Besides, all news stories on the organization are not correct,” the minister added.