Northern Iran natural attractions offer glimpse of paradise


Desk report, Sept 02: Gilan Province is one of the northern provinces of Iran that extends along the Caspian Sea. This region is inhabited by local people who are called Gilaks.

Regarding regional foods and culinary, traditional songs and customs, stunning countryside, culture and lifestyle, you can find fantastic traditions in such a paradise.

Gilan Province lies along the Caspian Sea, west of the province of Mazandaran, east of the province of Ardabil, and north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. It borders the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north and Russia across the Caspian Sea, IRNA reports.

Thanks to its geographical location which lies between the Caspian Sea and Alborz Mountain Range in Northern Iran, is a beautifully lush and green land which has a wonderful nature. This province is one of Iran’s most beautiful regions. Its capital is the city of Rasht. Every spot of Gilan is beautiful and its breathtaking beauties and pleasant weather of this region will refresh your soul.

In Gilan, people’s lifestyle is inseparable from its stunning nature. In other words, nature is a reliable source of inspiration for Gilaks.  Gilan has a humid climate with the heaviest rainfall records in Iran. Major ranges of the province are Mountainous and broadly devoted to green landscapes.

Nice climate and breathtaking landscapes attract an annual average of two million domestic and international tourists. Rasht, the capital of the province is internationally known as the “City of Silver Rains .”We invite your eyes to visit the beauties of Guilan province.

*** Masuleh

“Masuleh” is a lovely village which is located in the lush highlands of Gilan. Its architecture is spectacular because the yard of the above building is the roof of the below building. Spending some time walking around its streets leads to admire beautiful Masuleh, no motor vehicle won’t disturb your peace since they aren’t allowed to enter this place. The landscape surrounding Masuleh is lush and mountainous with frequent fog.

*** Rudkhan Castle

“Rudkhan Castle” is a castle which was built in the Sassanid dynasty on top of a hill and near to the city of Fuman. Located its steep path and steps amongst foggy forest and green highlands makes this place one of the most beautiful spots of Gilan Province. It gets about one hour to climb up to the castle through a beautiful forest, but it is surely worth the climb and there are really breathtaking views from there.

*** Visadar Waterfall

“Visadar Waterfall”, with 15 m high, is an impressive place located in a mountainous area and along a lush road. The surrounding rock cliffs are also attractive. Adventurous visitors can swim downstream from the waterfall.

*** Saqalaksar Lake

“Saqalaksar Lake” is a unique place having a beautiful and calm nature where you can get relaxed and enjoy the silent atmosphere of the forest around the lake. There is also a cozy café beside this lake. The route to this place is really nice and scenic as well.

*** Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

“Gilan Rural Heritage Museum” is a place where you will get familiar more with the culture of the friendly and cheerful people of Northern Iran, their traditions, rural lifestyle and how and where they live. You will see wood architecture which is unique in Iran. You could also record your memory from beautiful Gilan with taking photos wearing beautiful and colorful local clothes.

*** Masal

The city of Masal is the countryside in the lush highlands of Gilan Province, it’s a relatively untouched spot in the nature of Northern Iran. It’s hard to express its beauty through words. There is a really picturesque village in this region which is called “Olasbelangah” with lovely wooden houses. It’s also possible for Visitors to stay in a hotel or local homes there.

**** Foreign tourists in Gilan up %93

Director-General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism  Organization of Gilan province told IRNA on Saturday that foreign tourists’ commute in this province has increased by %93  according to Iranian calendar compared to last year.

According to this increase, foreign tourists staying in residential units in the province also increased by nearly 10  percent, said  Shahroud Amiri in an interview with IRNA.