150 metre of BJMB guide embankment devoured into Jamuna


Tangail, August 31: The all-important KPI Bangabandhu Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge, Cantonment and few villages are under threat as 150 metres of BJMB’s main  guide embankment of South East part under Kalihati Upazila of Tangail district has been devoured in to the mighty river Jamuna.From sources it is learned that 8.8 kms long 2.2 kms at each side four guide walls in the East and West, north and south parts of the Bridge have been built to save the bridge from the erosion of the river Jamuna.

The erosion was started from the south side of the East part of the Bridge since Thursday noon affecting 400 metres south of the bridge. More than 150 metres of the guide wall have been devoured in to the mighty river Jamuna. The trend of erosion continues.

The water of Jamuna is receding. Erosion intensified during the rise of water and at the time of receding. From a source in BJMB site office it is learned that about 150 metre areas of a shoal near the bridge’s harbour point some 700 metres south from the bridge has already been eroded. About 200 metre village protection dyke 1.5 km south of the Bridge at Gorilabari area was devoured by the river with a number of houses last year it is learned.

The erosion has created 43 metre ditch near the Bridge. The Cantonment by the side of the Bridge, nearby road and 10 villages including Gorilabari, Belutia, Alipur, and Singulee under Kalihati Upazila have become under threat.

Local people alleged that indiscriminate sand lifting from the river Jamuna by powerful dredgers is one of the main reasons for the erosion in the area. Some influential people have been doing illegal sand business near the east end of the bridge, putting the important structure under threat although sand lifting is prohibited within six km of the bridge, said the site officials of BJMB.

Local people of several villages under Gohaliabari and Durgapur unions formed a human chain against illegal sand lifting at Alipur and to save the villages from erosion. They demanded construction of an embankment for protecting the area. They also demanded punishment to those involved in the illegal sand lifting.

Tofazzal Hossain, Superintendent Engineer of BBA said that the erosion will not harm the bridge. BBA officials of the site office are conducting survey on how to protect the area. On the other hand geo bags are being dumped instantly in the area to stop the erosion, he added. It is to be noted that BJMB is the largest Bridge of the country with 4.8 kms long connecting capital with 24 Northern and southern district through road and train communication.