Sheikh Hasina concerns over pasteurized milk ban


Desk report, July 30: The people across the country suffering pasteurized milk shortage severely that introduces various questions over the temporary ban on pasteurized milk production by the High Court following a writ petition, after allegedly finding existence of possible antibiotics in milks.Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has raised deep concern over the temporary ban saying it should dig out that whether a possible hand or forgery of the syndicate who are importing milks from abroad was behind the test acted by a Professor to spread a fear over the pasteurized milk.

Sheikh Hasina expressed her concern over the artificial milk shortage through a video call when she joined a special meeting at central office of Bangladesh Awami League (AL) from Landon on Tuesday.

She said, “What happened suddenly? No words and warning over the caution of allegedly having harmful existence in pasteurized milks were announced. A professor tested and announced the milks disqualified to drink. And over the test a writ was filed by someone immediately resulting a temporary ban on the production and drinking.”

“I have a question, why they are disrupting our poverty reduction program? We have a lot of firm and company to produce pasteurized milk facing national demands who are being stranding now across the country,” she added.

“Those syndicates or importers who are allegedly involve behind the rumors over packaging milks’ disqualification should be brought under law as they are spoiling country’s reputation and exporting” she said at the same meeting.