Everything to be done to control mosquitoes: Home Minister


Dhaka, July 19: Home Minister Asaduzzzaman Khan Kamal on Friday said the government will do everything necessary to control Aedes mosquitoes which is responsible for spread of dengue.“Currently dengue is the most sever mosquito-borne disease. The government will do everything necessary to eliminate dengue-virus carrying Aedes mosquitoes. Besides, public awareness must be raised about this matter,” he said.

He said this while addressing an awareness raising rally on mosquito menace arranged by Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) in city’s Manik Mia Avenue.

The Home Minister said everybody should be aware from their respective position to put an end to mosquito menace. “Aedes mosquito will not survive if we keep our surroundings clean.”

“This type of mosquito can breed easily in clogged but clear water. So we have to keep our surroundings clean. Only then we’ll get rid of dengue as well as the mosquito menace,” he added.