150 villages washed away breaching Bhuapur-Tarakanda flood control embankment


Tangail, July 19:  About 50 metres of Bhuapur – Tarakanda Flood Control embankment under Bhuapur Upazila of Tangail district have been washed away last night affecting more areas by devastating flood. 

About 150 villages under 30 unions in Bhuapur, Tangail Sadar, Goplapur, Kalihati, Basail, Delduwar, Nagorpur and Dhanbari Upazila of the district have been inundated by flood water due to onrush upstream water of the river Jamuna and Dhaleswari.

Army has been deployed of the area.

At least 100000 people have become marooned by flood water. Two siblings washed away by flood water in the district. Death casualties in the flood rise to 6.

Erosion intensified and many people rendered homeless. Flood affected people cry for relief materials.

It is learned that due to strong current and onrush of water from the upstream about 50 meters of Bhuapur-Tarakanda road cum flood control embankment has been washed away at Tepibari under Bhuapur Upazila at about 8pm.

Vast areas of Bhuapur, Kalihati, Goplapur and Dhanbariupazilas have been inundated. Communication from Dhaka-Bhuapur-Tarakanda highway has been napped.

Fertilizer carrying trucks from Jamuna Urea Fertilizer Factory to Northern, Southern and Dhaka on the road have been suspended.

Army of 18 Engineering Battalion of Bangabandhu Cantonment has been deployed to repair the road, Jhoton Chandra, UNO of Bhuapur upazila confirmed it.

Water Development Board is also working to protect the important road. Local people said that the WDB did not repair the road having demand by the locals. As a result the important road has been washed away disrupting communications with capital and district headquarters.  Earlier, parts of embankment at Tarai and Tepibari School have been washed away inundating 10 other villages.

SM Anower Hossain, chairman of Durgapur UP said that siblings Tanjila 8 and Lima 5 daughters of Abu Sayed of village Chordurgapur under Kalihati Upazila have been washed away by flood water on Thursday. Six drowned in flood water it is learned.Erosion intensified.

It is learned that about 300 families under Kastapara, Valkutia, Khanurbari villages under Bhuapur Upazila few other homesteads under Goplapur, Kalihati, Tangail Sadar, Nagorpur have been devoured in to the river Jamuna and Dhaleswari. Standing crops, vegetable field have been damaged by flood water.

Fayjul Islam, UNO of Nagorpur said that the schools which are on high land are being used as flood shelter.

The erosion hit and flood hit people alleged that they got no help from the Government. Jhoton Chandra UNO of Bhuapur Upazila said that they are preparing the list of the affected people and they will be provided help by the Government. Goplapur Upazila administration distributed relief materials among the flood hit people of Goplapur and district administration distributed relief materials in Tangail Sadar Upazila on Wednesday and Thursday. The relief is too merge to meet the demand. Rescue operation by the local administration being little the affected people are moving to the safer places with much risk through flood water.

ADC (Gen) of Tangail Mosarraf Hossain said that the government sanctioned 200 metric tonnes of rice and cash taka 300000 for the flood affected people. Demand of additional 300 tonnes of rice has been sought for grant. Tanvir Ahmed ChotoMonir MP from Goplapur-Bhuapur constituency said that the affected people will be provided all sorts of help. They will be rehabilitated during post flood time.

Photo of Army is working to protect the Bhuapur-Tarakandi road in Tangail on Friday.