Rifat’s wife Minni arrested


Barguna, July 16: Police have arrested Ayesha Siddiqua Minni, wife of slain Rifat Sharif, for her alleged involvement in the brutal murder of her husband.Around 9pm, Police super of Barugna Maruf Hossain on Tuesday said Minni was arrested based on suspicion after police recorded her statement given in the Rifat murder case in the morning.

Earlier, she was taken to the police lines from her village home around 10:00am for recording her statement.

Minni was taken to the police lines from her father’s house at Nowakata village in Barguna Sarad upazila barely three days after her father-in-law brought allegation that she had a hand in the murder.

Rifat was killed in a broad daylight attack in front of Barguna Government College on June 26.

Responding to a query at a press conference at the police lines around 1:00pm today, SP Maruf said, “We can’t say anything [in this regard] for the sake of fair investigation.”

Besides, Minni’s father Moazzem Hossain Kishor told the newsmen that his daughter was brought to the police lines to identify a suspect in connection with the murder.

On July 13, Abdul Halim Dulal Sharif, father of Rifat Sharif, demanded immediate arrest of his daughter-in-law Minni.

Minni, wife of Rifat, was apparently trying to protect her husband during the attack. She was also named as the number one witness in the case.

However, Rifat’s father Dulal Sharif later demanded Minni’s arrest alleging that she had a part in the murder.