Wrong decisions turned BNP as an isolated party: Hasan


Dhaka, May 06: Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Monday said a series of wrong decisions isolated BNP from the people and in certain cases it appeared as an anti-people party while its secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir emerged as the victim of the party’s “too much strategies”.“A series of wrong decisions in the past several years gradually isolated the party from the people,” he told newsmen as approached for comments on Mirza Fakhrul’s remarks acknowledging that BNP’s previous decision of not to join parliament was “wrong”.

The minister described the acknowledgement as a “late realisaiton” saying BNP visibly understands everything but that realization “comes too late”.

He said all the BNP lawmakers except Mirza Fakhrul took oath in parliament it was him who could explain the reason “but I think Mr Fakhrul Islam Alamgir became a victim of BNP’s too much strategies”.

Hasan said BNP’s decision to boycott the 2014 elections was “suicidal” for the party while it took part in the last elections after much hesitation and yet the “nomination business” marred their campaign.

“Their candidates even did not carry out election campaign which might have earned them some more seats,” the minister said.

Hassan, who is also Awami League’s publicity and publication secretary, said the people would not forget the BNP-Jamaat’s mayhem like burning people to death spearheading protracted arson and petrol bombs attacks which “made the party as people’s opponent”.

About the changes in Dr Kamal Hossain’s Ganoforum, he said the party could never become a pro-people political force and the change of its central committee would not have any impact in the political arena.

“A true politician should have more quality to do politics with the common people,” Hassan said.