PM for collective resistance against militancy


Dhaka, April 25: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday stressed the need for forging a collective resistance of all against militancy as it has become a common problem of the world which hindering peace, prosperity and development.“I call upon all to take collective measures of resistance if any tendency of militancy and terrorism is seen among any children, teenagers, youths, students, teachers and commoners as well,” she said, BSS reports.

She was opening the first-ever environment friendly and nonstop intercity train ‘Bonolota Express’ on Dhaka-Rajshahi route through video conference from her official residence Ganobhaban in Dhaka.

The premier urged all the people including guardians, teachers, public representatives, imam and moazzin of mosques, religious teachers and people of other religions to stay alert against the terrorism and militancy.

Referring to the recent gun and bomb attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, she said, “Attempts are being made to carry out such heinous acts in Bangladesh. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have remained alert to avert such attempts.”

The premier requested the imams and moazzins to give sermon against the adverse impact of the militancy in the khutbas during Jumma prayers as the Islam likewise the other religion doesn’t allow it in the name of religion, saying that the Islam is the best religion in the world in view of keeping peace and maintaining humanity.

She also requested to pray for the peace of the departed souls of the people killed in shootings in New Zealand and bomb blasts in Sri Lanka in which many Muslims including Bangladeshis were killed.

The most unfortunate matter is that many children including Zayan Chowdury, grandson of Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim, was killed in the bomb attacks in Sri Lanka, she said, adding, “I want no such incidents would take place in future.”

She reiterated her appeal to the people involved in militancy and terrorism to the heinous acts to stay away as it brings no welfare for the mankind.

The train will run with some modern facilities like bio-toilet, recliner chair, Wi-Fi, LED display, and save at least one and a half hour journey time than those of the existing three express trains.