Installation of Padma Bridge 11th span Tuesday


Dhaka, April 22: The 11th span (superstructure) of the 6.15-km much-awaited Padma Bridge will be installed at its Jajira end on Tuesday (April 23).The span will be placed between the pillars 33 and 34 of the bridge near its Mawa end in Munshiganj tomorrow, said Humayun Kabir, Deputy Assistant engineer of the bridge construction, on Monday (April 22) told reporters.

The grey color 6C span is 150 meters long and weighs 3,140 tonnes.

After the installation of the 11th span, 1,650 meters (1.65 kilometer) of the much-hyped bridge will be visible.

The span has already reached at Jajra end the Mawa Construction Yard around 10:00 am. If everything, including the weather, is suitable, the installation of the span will start at 8:00 am on Tuesday, said the engineer of the much-hyped bridge.

Earlier on April 10, the 10th span (superstructure) of the 6.15-km Padma Bridge has been installed at its Mawa end and the ninth span of the Padma bridge was installed at Jajira point of Shariatpur on March 22 while the eighth span of the 6.15-km Padma bridge was installed on February 20.

So far eight spans at Jajira point and two spans at Munshiganj point of the bridge has been placed. The spans are 150-meter long each.

The first span of the bridge was laid on pillars 37 and 38 on September 30, 2017.

A total of 41 spans (superstructure) will be installed on the 42 pillars to construct the 6.15-km much waited for Padma Bridge. Railway slabs and roadway slabs are being installed on six spans at Jajira end.

The second span was placed on January 28, 2018. The third span was laid on March 11 of the same year while the fourth was placed on May 13 and the fifth span was installed on June 29, the same year. The sixth span was installed on January 23, 2019.