Wild elephant from India rescued with tranquiliser gun in Sharishabari


Jamalpur, August 11: Finally the tired elephant that came floating in flood waters of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna from Assam, India was finally put to sleep using darts of a tranquiliser gun by the forest department rescuers on Thursday.

It was darted at about 2:00 pm when waded into highlands off the Jamuna at about 2:00pm. But being dazed it due to effects of the tranquilser it hobbled into a ditch of  a village Kamrabad of Sharishabari under Jamalpur district from where it was pulled out of the water with the help of hundreds of villagers tying it with ropes, Asim Mullick,an Inspector of the forest department’s wild life circle who had been leading a 17-member rescue desperately trying to trap it with their dart gun told reporters.Elephant

He said, they were waiting for the huge nearly five tonnes female elephant to come out of the slumber for the next step of taking it out of the area providing it with food and treatment.

Earlier, a three-member rescue team from the Assam Forest Department, led by its official Ritesh Bhattacharya with a veterinarian, gave up their efforts to entice the beast from waters of the Jamuna so that it could be tranquilise ashore so that it did not drown.

But all their efforts failed because of too much noise by hundreds of villagers desperately trying to keep the huge animal off their homes and crop fields all the way down from Madarganj, the neighbouring Upazila of Sharishabari.

They called off their mission on Sunday and left for Dhaka en route to Guwahati, the Assam capital on Tuesday.

But after its rescue the question remained where the elephant would be taken?

While, some officials want to take it to  the Bangabandhu Safari  Park or zoo. But some preferred it to be released among a pack of wild elephants roaming the hills and forests of Ghazni in Sherpur, the neighbouring district of Jamalpur for its easy transportation.