‘We have nothing to prove’: Victoria Beckham denies her ‘strong’ marriage to David is in trouble amid speculation over their relationship


By Lucy Mapstone

They’re one of the world’s most famous couples, so it’s without surprise there is sometimes speculation over their marriage.

But Victoria Beckham has insisted that all things are going swimmingly between her and David, claiming that they have ‘nothing to prove’ in their relationship.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the 41-year-old fashion designer defended herself against those persistent rumours: ‘I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children.

‘Yes, we travel a lot with our respective businesses and charitable commitments, but we always make time for each other as a couple and as a family.

She continued: ‘David and I have nothing to prove. We love each other, look out for each other and are strong as both partners and parents.’

Victoria and David, who have been married for 16 years and have four children together, have recently been the target of much speculation about their relationship, due to their hectic schedules and rarely-crossed paths.