Use of EVM in national polls only after legal approval: CEC


Dhaka, September 22: The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) will be used in the upcoming 11th general polls only after the technology gets legal approval, said Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda.He said this while addressing the inauguration ceremony of election officers’ training at the Electoral Training Institute (ETI) in Dhaka on Saturday.

KM Nurul Huda said: “Use of this technology cannot be forced, but it needs to be introduced as properly as possible.

“Political parties, which are commenting against the EVM, should do so after learning thoroughly about this technology. Bangladesh should gradually move towards modern technology, and phase out traditional methods of organizing polls.”

The CEC also said the 11th parliamentary polls would be held in the last weeks of December, 2018 or at the beginning of January, 2019.