UK bars direct cargo flights from Dhaka to UK on security reason


Dhaka, Mar 9: Department for Transport of the UK government in its web post dated on March said that the Shahjajal International Airport in Dhaka found some international security requirements were not being met.

According to web post, “As part of a set of interim measures, cargo will not be allowed on direct flights from Dhaka to the UK until further notice.”

“Recent security assessments of Dhaka International Airport found that some international security requirements were not being met,” the post said.

Airlines carrying cargo between Bangladesh and the UK on indirect routes are being asked to ensure it is re-screened before its final leg into the UK, it added.

Airlines or importers can contact the Department for Transport for further information.

 The UK government is working with the government of Bangladesh to support them in improving standards for all aspects of aviation security, the web post said.