‘Terrorism, militancy, graft rise as judiciary not allowed to work freely’: Chief Justice


Dhaka, March 18: Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on Saturday said terrorism and corruption have increased in the country because the judiciary is not being allowed to work freely.

“This trend of crime, even the terrorist and militant activities would have disappeared from the soil of Bangladesh if the judiciary was allowed to function freely. Terrorism and militancy are rising because the judiciary is now being allowed to discharge its duties properly. I hope that both the government and administration would try to understand it and come forward so that no misunderstanding takes place in future,” the Chief Justice said while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of online application registration system of Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission.

Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha said each political party might have its own thinking on party line, but the judiciary  should be kept free of its influence.

The Chief Justice said the judiciary is not a rival of the administration. “A vested quarter always presents the judiciary to the head of the government in a wrong way.

He also expressed the hope that the officials concerned of the administration would not submit faulty reports on judiciary to the government.