SSC, equivalent exams begin February 2


Dhaka, January 31: The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations will begin from February 2.
The education ministry has imposed restriction on the teachers and others for carrying smart phones in the examination centres.
Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Tuesday said that no teacher except exam centre secretary is allowed to carry the mobile phones in the examination hall.
“If any teacher takes any mobile phone into the exam centres, it is illegal. There would be only one phone for the centre secretary but it would not be smart phone. If it is not followed, it would be considered as an offence and action would be taken accordingly,” the minister said.
Nahid said put this restriction because he said that there were instances that some unethical teachers take the snaps of the question papers and sent it outside with the smart phone for unfair benefits.
The minister said this at a press conference at the secretariat on the occasion of SSC and equivalent examinations.
He also said that none except the exam related persons is allowed to enter into the centres.
This year a total of 17,86,613 students would sit for the examinations under ten education boards, with the increase of 1,35,090 examinees compared to last year.
Of the total students, the number of boys is more compared to the girls. Boys are 9,10,501 and girls are 8,76,112.
However, under the eight general education board there 14,25,900 examinees and the number of girls is more compared to the boys. The girls are 7,23,601 and boys are 7,02,299.
Under the Madrasa education board, a total of 2,56,502 students would sit for the Dakhil examinations. Of them, 1,30,585 are boys and 1,25,916 are girls.
Under the technical education board, a total of 1,04,212 examinees would appear in the SSC (Vocational) and of them 77,617 are boys and 26,595 are girls.
Under the eight overseas centres, a total of 446 students would take part in the SSC exam and equivalent examinations.
When the government is thinking of the development of science and technology in the country, the number of students in science group under eight general boards is still not satisfactory.
This year a total of 4,22,287 students from science group would take part in the SSC exams while the number of examinees in humanities is 6,07,538 and in business studies this number is 3,96,075. But the number of science students has increased by 44,317 compared to last year.
Dhaka board has topped in science group with the number of examinees 1,32,443 but the students under Sylhet board is reluctant in taking science group as its number is in the lowest 18,764.
This year 16,07,124 regular students and 1,76,198 irregular students would sit for the exams in 3236 exam centres from 28,344 educational institutions.
Besides, physically challenged examinees would get additional time.
The exam would continue till March 2 and the practical examinations would begin on March 4 and end on March 11.