Revenge of the Angry Birds

4109, May 27: The Angry Birds Movie lands in theaters on May 20. Based on the hit mobile game, the computer-animated movie features a bird named Red who lives on an island filled with cheerful, flightless birds. Unlike the other birds on the island, Red always seems to be angry, but when a boat full of mysterious green pigs arrives on the island it’s up to Red and his friends, Chuck and Bomb, to find out why. TFK Kid Reporter Jordan Millar talked to the film’s producer, John Cohen, about working with the movie’s stars and what viewers can expect at the theater.

A Big Opportunity

Working on the film was “an honor,” Cohen told TFK. The producer previously worked onDespicable Me and Hop. “It’s also a huge responsibility to all of the fans of Angry Birds around the world to make a movie that they will love,” he said.

The movie boasts a star-studded cast of actors who lent their voices to bring the animated characters to life. Jason Sudeikis voices the lead role of Red; Josh Gad, in his first animated movie since playing Olaf, in Frozen, is Chuck; and Bill Hader, the voice of Fear, in Inside Out, plays Leonard the pig. “They are some of the funniest people in the world and they’re so good at creating characters and distinctive voices and personalities that make the animated characters come to life,” Cohen said about the cast. The movie’s soundtrack will also feature artists like Blake Shelton and Demi Lovato.

Hitting the Big Screen

The “Angry Birds” mobile game has been downloaded more than 3 billion times worldwide. While the movie will have many scenes and familiar objects, such as slingshots and trampolines, from the game, Cohen says the fun part was getting to “tell an original story” about how this “strange conflict,” between the birds and the pigs, “came to exist.”

Cohen also shared a few things audiences can expect, including the much-awaited answer to “why these birds are so angry.” He also said viewers would get to know Red’s story “of being an outcast and an outsider and how he ultimately grows into a position of leadership.” He added: “It’s Red’s hero journey.”

See you at the movies!

Source: Time For Kids