Raudha’s family to file murder case


Rajshahi, April 6: Family members of Raudha Athif, whose body was found at Rajshahi Islami Bank Medical College (IBMC) Girls hostel, are preparing to file a murder case in the incident of Raudha’s death.

On Thursday noon Raudha’s father Mohammad Athif confirmed the matter to the journalists at administration building lobby of the Medical College. Earlier he went there and met the administration of the college.

Why they do decide to file case, asking the question, Mr. Athif said that the explanation which provided by the medical college authorities and the autopsy report also could not assure them. He said he read his MBBS under Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal in India that is why he has able to identify the sing to suicide.

He furhter said he had seen her daughter body as a doctor, and his observation he found some sing of suffocate. When he asked the forensics doctors, who performed the autopsy of Raudha they said him the sing was ‘birth sing’.

“This is a ridicules joke”, when this birth mark is presence? Birth mark is present child hood when a baby birth, last 20 years we do not know Raudha has birth mark on her neck, Mr Athif said.

However; the CCVT footage of the incident day, was also missing, he claimed.

Meanwhile, refusing the Raudha’s father allegation, Prof Dr. Monsur Rahman, who performed the autopsy of Raudha’s body, said hanging never be homicide, it’s always suicide other ways it is proved.

A reliable source of Raudha’s family informed that Raudha’s mother had already flied to Dhaka to consult with lawyer for filing case. She leaved Rajshahi on Wednesday noon, source added.

Meanwhile, the medical college authority said they will handed over an investigation report to the higher authority of the medical college which made by a five-member investigation committee headed by Prof. Dr. Abdul Mukit Sarkar, Vice Principal of IBMC, then it will be clear to all.

The investigation committee was formed by the IBMC higher authority at the incident day of Raudha death on 29 March. The committee started their work after a day of the incident, it is learnt.