Questions of a child’s mind….. 


Dhaka, July 28: After completing 15 years of my educational life, from a reputate institute, one of the English medium schools a big question is now standing towards me that is why..?

The expedition started when I was small, a little girl of my father. He used to take me to the school every morning with a desire in his heart that one day her daughter will become well known in the public eye, and many other adjectives allied with fame!

But day by day the dream fragile. And now it turns to a sort of woolgathering matter, because it’s hard to cope and to compete with the other mediums students. Because the universities systems compelled us to renovate our dream to day dreaming.

Other medium students have more opportunity then us. ‘But why?’                                     Why the varsities won’t do question for us? Why don’t they make question from our syllabus?

Indirectly they are abandoning us. Is it possible to complete or to catch another medium syllabus in just 3 months?

Just one last question, ‘Are we not the children of this country? Or only they (Bangla medium) are proficient, we are not…..?

(Raisa Raad Khan, a student of english medium)